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Disaster Recovery


If you are like most companies today, you rely heavily on computer systems in order to conduct daily business and keep your firm running. And like many companies, you may not have thought much about disaster recovery until someone accidently deleted a file or after you encountered a major outage on your network. At ITRMS our Disaster Recovery solutions are designed to provide fast and effective recovery to reduce the risks associated with a variety of disaster scenarios.


Online Backups

Traditional backups to external hard drives and tapes can be unreliable and costly to maintain. With today’s availability of affordable online backups, these traditional methods of backing up data are a thing of the past. Online backups do not require an investment in hardware or software, it can easily scale up to any size, and are far easier to manage than traditional backup methods. With online backups you have reliable and cost effective backups for all your data.

The data is encrypted, transferred, and stored in multiple remote locations. When needed the data can be easily be restored from any location. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about lugging backup tapes offsite ever again.

Server Failover

Backups are an excellent measure for protecting data, but if you require rapid restoration of service from a major disaster, Server Failover is for you. Our remote server failover service stores periodic production ready snapshots of your server files, applications, and system states both locally and remotely, providing recovery times as little as a few minutes.

We store several historic images allowing you the option to choose from several restore points. Images can be quickly restored to a virtual server at the failover datacenter, or to a replacement piece of hardware.

Benefits Include:

  • Secure offsite storage for full server snapshots
  • Multiple restore options
  • Multiple restoration points
  • Reduce recovery from days to minutes