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Investments in healthcare continue to increase as medical facilities and individual practices seek better ways to serve patients and improve care.

Information technology is at the heart of every major initiative in the industry, including preventative care efforts, coordinated care models and the increasing focus on personalized medicine.

At ITRMS, we serve the healthcare industries special needs by providing unique IT solutions backed by leading customer support.


We offer complete IT solutions that:

  • Are reliable and efficient
  • Enhance patient experience
  • Improve data collaboration used for quality control and analysis
  • Meet the requirements of HIPAA and other regulatory agencies
  • Streamline staff workflow and communications


We Make Your Practice as Productive as Possible

The most basic function of an IT network is to improve the productivity of its users. Due to the critical uptime requirements of the healthcare industry, medical professionals cannot afford to rely on a systems without the guarantee of reliable uptime and immediate support.

But we go far beyond that. Our consultants also focus on streamlining workflow and communications to help facilitate a better patient experience. We are experts in managing the uptime and proper functioning of electronic medical record solutions such as eCW, SRS, Centricity, Allscripts, NextGen, MDoffice, and more.

We help facilitate both premised and cloud-based solutions. Additionally, we work with our clients to centralize data across their various business entities including clinics, case managers, resident facilities, finance, administration, etc.

Providing strategic end to end solutions to our clients is as important as providing the day to day tactical support.

Meeting Industry Regulations for Healthcare IT

To limit incompatibility, ITRMS conducts medical IT risk assessments and front and back office software evaluations.  We also understand the unique compliance mandates faced in the healthcare industry, which is why we also offer regulatory requirements consulting and security policy development services.

In addition to our unique expertise for the technology concerns in the industry, healthcare clients that work with ITRMS enjoy the benefits of our years of quality IT experience and support. These include access to our live help desk, which is staffed from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST, and round-the-clock network service and response.

We are the complete IT department for all our clients’ needs. Each new client is assigned an Account Manager, who will follow up on ongoing system management, upgrades and team performance to ensure the best service.