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Cloud Services


If you are like most businesses today, you need 24×7 application uptime and accessibility to stay competitive.

With our Cloud Services, you can host your server data and applications on our enterprise data center architecture, and say goodbye to all the headaches, costs and risks associated with your internally hosted servers.


Minimize Downtime

Eliminate the risk of server downtime related to hardware failure, power failure, or Internet outages. Our redundant hosting infrastructure is housed in a SAS 70 Type 2 Certified facility, ensuring that your applications and data will be secure and available 24×7.

Lower Costs

Eliminate the need to ever have to replace server hardware, or pay for the overhead to power, cool and backup your server.

Improve Accessibility

Whether you are in the office or on the road, you can securely access your data and applications.

Eliminate Hassle

You no longer have to worry about changing backup tapes, making sure your server closet isn’t too hot, or planning for your next hardware upgrade . Since we fully manage the servers, you no don’t have to worry about any extra overhead to patch maintain or administer your servers.